The Alcan: from Haines to Fairbanks

We traveled by ferry from Skagway to Haines. Then overland from Haines up to Fairbanks. Haines is home of the Chilkoot Eagle Preserve where 2000 bald eagles converge each October. Alas, not many around now. Just across the border is the Kluane National Park of Canada, wherein lie numerous glaciers encompassed by vast mountain ranges. The towns all around here have developed a burl industry, where odd growths on wood are turned into sculpture. Very odd. Then up into the Alaskan interior. 22 days and 4000 miles to Fairbanks. One of the most impressive things here is Creamer's Field. Thousands of Canadian Geese, Sandhill Cranes, and other birds are gathering here as prelude to their migration south!

Haines by sea


Native artwork (Tlingit)

Fort Seward

Mountain Pass to Canada


Frosty Freeze B&B

Alaska Highway art
(Haines Junction)

Kluane National Park



Kluane National Park

Silver City ghost town

Silver City ghost town

Soldier's Summit
(dedication of Alcan)

(Burwash, YT)

End of the Alcan
(Delta Junction, AK)

Alaska Oil Pipeline
(Delta Junction)

Creamer's Field
(Fairbanks, AK)

Blue Babe
36,000 year old Steppe Bison


Dog musher
Pioneer Park (aka Alaskaland)